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What to Do and See: Rome & Vatican

We chose the Vatican because it is one of the most Holy places in the world. We are happy to share our love of faith, family, friends and travel with you for our wedding. While you are visiting, please take advantage of the wealth of tradition and significance in and surrounding The Vatican. We have provided resource links below to some tourist attractions. Due to the vast nature of things to do and places to see in Rome, we recommend conducting your own research to discover what fits your travel style and budget.

Please make sure to get tickets in advance to see any of the famous heritage sites.

Rome, Italy

Rome is known as the “eternal city”, ancient empire, birthplace of Western culture, Renaissance art and architecture with rich history and deep cultural diversity.

Useful links to help plan your itinerary

Rome Travel Information:

Recommended Itineraries based on your travel days:

Articles about Rome from avid travelers:

Rome Museums

Rome Museum Pass:

All National Italy Museums tickets (under region select “Lazio” for Rome):

National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo:

Vatican City State

Walled inside Rome is Vatican City, a Holy pilgrimage place for Christ followers, home of the Pope (leader of the Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian denomination), and the smallest landlocked independent state in the world, governed by the Holy See (please see below on how to schedule a Papal Audience*). 

Vatican official site:

Basilicas and Papal Chapels:

Excavations, Necropolis, Tomb of St. Peter:

Vatican Museums:

Papal Audience – Meet the Pope*

If you would like to, it is possible to meet the Pope while you are here. Book your free tickets no later than two weeks prior for a Wednesday papal audience (May 8 or May 15, 2024) , tickets must be picked up in-person the Tuesday before (May 7 or May 14, 2024).

For US Citizens:

For All Visitors:

Resources for Visitors to the Vatican

Useful information from the official “Bishops’ Office for United States Visitors to the Vatican”:

Additional links for visitors (they call you “Pilgrims” but it means visitors):

Vatican Information by Embassy



Côte d’Ivoire:




New Zealand:


United Kingdom:

United States of America:

**Notes/Disclaimers: The links and information are subject to change, please verify information before making reservations. If a country is missing, apologies for missing, please look up Vatican and Italy entry information specific to your country.

If the website is in Italian, you may need to select English as the language usually from the menu at the top right or in Google Chrome you may select translate to your language of choice.